Welcome to GSwanson ADHD and Life Coach, LLC!

The practice of certified life coach Germaine Swanson. Since 2018, Germaine Swanson has helped countless women over 40 align themselves with the life of their dreams via life coaching and trauma work. Germaine is a certified coach in the realms of life, ADHD, and success based in Taylor, MI. Her approach involves designing a customized plan to help clients achieve their goals. She helps clients identify limitations they might be facing with ADHD or other unseen disabilities and to design plans and strategies that challenge them to form new patterns. Germaine provides a learning style assessment, which can bolster the ability to gain new knowledge. She also helps with leadership issues as well as life coaching for adults dealing with ADHD or other unseen disabilities. In addition to her coaching certification, Swanson has an M.A. in Special Education from Columbia University Teachers College, as well as post-graduate training in leading and facilitating parent education groups  and leadership. She draws from her diverse experience to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for women to regain clarity and focus in life.

At GSwanson ADHD and Life Coach, LLC, of Taylor, MI, we work together to overcome doubts and beliefs that limit us. Germaine offers in-person appointments for those near Taylor, MI, as well as virtual telecoaching sessions for those in the rest of Michigan and the United States. If you'd like to learn more about what she can do for you, contact GSwanson ADHD and Life Coach, LLC, either over the phone or via the contact form on this website. She looks forward to helping you get back in the driver's seat of your life!

"The future depends on what we do in the present"

-- Mahatma Gandhi

But, if you are looking for someone to validate your fears. If you want someone who will agree that you shouldn’t even bother to try because the "deck is stacked against you", your ADHD, gender, your ethnicity are the problem or there is a possibility you might fail, I’m not the coach for you. But if you want someone to help you help yourself and are willing to do the work of overcoming your fears, barriers and challenges to create new ways to move past them, I’m your coach.

I see you as creative, resourceful and whole. I see you as capable of entering into this type of short-term, sustainable commitment to yourself to make your life better in the present for the future. Let's cross that bridge of change together.