Life Coaching

Life Coaching

If you’re feeling stuck or lost in life, facing a big decision, trying to overcome challenges, or aiming to bring a dream to reality, GSwanson ADHD & Life Coach in Taylor, MI, offers life coaching that can help you throughout your journey.

Guide to Life Coaching

There are things that we all want to achieve in life. It could be anything from a childhood dream to a fresh idea. Sometimes, they get pushed to the side due to doubt, discouragement, or even a lack of time to bring them to fruition. Sometimes, it happens because we get stuck in determining how to make them happen.

We all also face challenges and life decisions. They can be difficult to process alone. And while friends and family might mean well, they don’t always help. They might point out all of the negative aspects, not know how to respond or provide advice from a personal point of view. While it can give you a different perspective, it might also do more harm than good because everyone is different.

Life coaching provides a different path. Learn more about how in the guide provided below by the team at GSwanson ADHD & Life Coach in Taylor, MI.

It’s a Personalized Journey

Life coaches work with you, your ideas, challenges, and other personal aspects. They don’t provide advice based on their beliefs or their ideals about how you should handle something. It’s about working with what’s inside of you to achieve your goals, make life decisions, or work through life changes.

It’s a Safe, Open, and Encouraging Space

Family and friends can make a great support system, but they can sometimes bring us down – usually unintentionally. We might share a wonderful idea that they simply don’t understand. And their response might leave us feeling like our idea is a bad one. Or if you share a big idea like a big career move across the country, they might talk you out of it because they don’t want you to be so far away.

You don’t have to worry about such things with life coaching. You can openly share your thoughts, ideas, and the aspects of your decision-making process. They work to help you process your thoughts and ideas, determine for yourself whether they are the right move, and determine the steps to make them happen.

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