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Tired of ADHD “getting in the way” of the life you want to live? Germaine Swanson of Taylor and Southeastern Michigan offers ADHD coaching to help.

ADHD and Coaching

ADHD affects people of all ages and walks of life. It can make it difficult to pay attention and overcome impulsivity, just to name a couple of effects. It’s seen as a disability that can prevent people from living a productive, successful life.

In truth, ADHD is not a “bad” thing. It means that the person operates differently. This can be a problem, as it doesn’t fit “normal” thoughts and behaviors. And it can get in the way of productivity. On the other hand, it can lead to unique thinking, unmatched focus and productivity, and more. The key is learning to work with how you think, managing the potentially negative side effects, and learning ways to target your focus in the right direction. Below, Germaine Swanson of Taylor and Southeast Michigan, shares how ADHD coaching can help.

Learning How ADHD Affects You

Everyone is unique, and two people with ADHD will be affected in their own ways. This is due to various factors, including their environment, work, obligations, and ages. A qualified ADHD coach can assess your learning style and help determine exactly how ADHD impacts your life so that any management plans can be developed for your specific needs. Our practice is particularly experienced with the needs of mature women.

Building Healthy Habits

Everyone can benefit from healthy daily habits, and people with ADHD who spend time taking better care of themselves find it easier to manage their lives. An ADHD coach can help you develop habits, such as eating well and exercising, that fit your lifestyle and needs.

Learning How to Focus – On the Right Things for the Right Time

A common issue among those with ADHD is a racing mind. When they can focus their attention on something and get interrupted, it can take a long time to get back on track. In fact, sometimes it never does, as interruptions lead to a new barrage of thoughts. This is one reason that they have trouble being productive and finishing projects. An ADHD coach can help you learn how to get focused, prevent and manage interruptions, and stay focused until the job or project is done.

Above are just a few examples of the many ways ADHD coaching can benefit you. Learn more about the benefits firsthand by scheduling a consultation with Germaine Swanson. Call (734) 406-6206 or text (313) 406-5545 for in-person coaching in Taylor, or for telecoaching throughout Michigan

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